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Teach you how to buy a safe wipe


Pay attention to the following two points when selecting disinfection products. First, look at the document number, and the production enterprises that produce such disinfection products must obtain the health permit issued by the provincial health administrative department. The correct health permit number format is: (province, autonomous region, municipality directly referred to as the city) Weixiao card (year of issue) × × × × number. The second is to look at the label instructions. The product must not have the effect of promoting disinfection, sterilization and suggestive effects. At the same time, it should not promote the disinfection or resistance to specific parts such as human feet, eyes, nails, ankles, scalp, hair, nasal mucosa. (Suppress) bacteria. There must also be no similar terms to drugs, such as: "three times a day" "seven days for a course of treatment" and so on.
When purchasing sanitary napkins, please note that the outer packaging should have the following logo: product name, main raw material name, health permit, production date, shelf life or expiration date, implementation standard number (GB8939-1999, GB15979-2002), manufacturer name and Address, etc. Consumers should choose to label the entire sanitary napkin, check the date of manufacture and shelf life, and the expiration of the shelf life should be avoided. The seals for each package and individual small packages should be smooth and free from damage and air leakage. A good sanitary napkin should have a neat appearance, a neat edge, a tightly closed surface, no exposed inner layer, and a soft texture.
Do you know how to scientifically classify wet wipes?
Release time:2016-08-25
Universal wipes: Mainly used to cleanse the skin. All kinds of packaging are available in one pack, two packs, 10 packs or 10 packs. It is easy to carry. It is not convenient to use for cleaning and cleaning when going out. It is convenient to use at any time. Depending on the substrate used and the composition of the liquid to be immersed, the product has high, medium and low grades, and the price is also very different. The shelf life of the product is generally 6 months to 3 years.
Disinfecting wipes: There are two kinds of disinfectant wipes. One is used for cleaning, disinfecting small wounds such as scratches, cuts, scratches and surrounding skin. It can effectively kill bacteria up to 99.9%, prevent wound infection, spunlace The non-woven fabric is used as the substrate, and the main component of the liquid to be immersed is benzalkonium chloride, etc., which is cleaned and sterilized once, one package or 10 pieces of independent packaging, and has a shelf life of two years; the other is a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect for Skin cleansing, emollient, disinfection, sterilization, can also be used for daily necessities, sanitary ware cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, mild nature, no toxic side effects, 10 or 20 bags, shelf life of 2 years.
Special disinfection and care wipes for infants: Specially used for cleaning and nursing baby's buttocks. Generally, it is a dozens of removable bags, boxes or cans. The bag has a sealing strip for the extraction port. The box or canned extraction port has a cover in addition to the sealing strip. It is sealed immediately after use and is convenient to use. The shelf life of the product is generally 1.5-3 years.