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The benefits of disposable face washcloths


After cleaning your face, you can take a face towel and wet it, and then wipe it on your face, or you can use it directly, just dry your face, the use cycle of a disposable face towel is short , Compared with the towel, it contains much less bacteria, to a certain extent, it can protect the facial skin to a certain extent, and it can also avoid the secondary pollution of the towel after cleansing.

Note: Disposable towel is a one-time item, do not use it multiple times on the face.

Because the material of the face towel is relatively rough, the material may be damaged after one use. If it is used multiple times, it may cause certain damage to the skin, and the cleaning effect of a face towel will also be affected if used multiple times.

In addition, the disposable face towel can not only be used to wash the face, but also can be used to remove makeup, remove makeup, apply lotion, etc., and the skin care uses are very extensive.

There are many benefits in life and many uses. Although the disposable face towel cannot be used to wipe the face after one use, it still has other uses. After washing your face, it can also be used to wipe furniture and shoes, which not only makes reasonable use of resources, but also saves the trouble of cleaning rags. It can also be used to mop the floor, which can clean the hair on the ground very well; it can also be used to wipe the table, mirror, sink and other places, so it is recommended not to throw the disposable face towel after using it once, it has many uses.