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The characteristics of paper towels-what are the different classifications of household paper


Paper towels, also known as "household paper", include roll paper, handkerchief paper, napkins, facial tissues, etc., and are also paper products often encountered in life. The main components of paper towels are wood pulp, chlorine compounds, bleaching powder, etc. Paper towels are renewable resources.

Papermaking is one of the four great inventions in ancient China, and an important medium for cultural exchanges and knowledge dissemination between ancient and modern China and foreign countries. Even today when machine papermaking is popular, some traditional handmade paper still reflects its irreplaceable role. For example, rice paper still has its own place in the cultural field. We can still experience what is called "paper life" in ancient paintings and artworks. millennium".

So in the history before the invention of paper, what did people use as their note-taking materials? According to the unearthed cultural relics and materials, the earliest people used knotted ropes to remember things. Later, he carved words on the tortoise shell and beast bones, the so-called "Oracle". After the bronze was produced, inscriptions were cast on the bronze ware, namely "inscriptions on gold" or "inscriptions on bells and ding". Afterwards, write the characters on a piece of bamboo and wood, called "bamboo and wood slips", such as a thicker piece of bamboo and wood, it is called "Tablets". At the same time, some are also written on silk products. Before the Qin Dynasty, in addition to the above memorial materials, characters carved on stones were also discovered, such as the famous "stone drum inscriptions".


As everyone knows, paper was invented by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty. However, archaeological excavations raised questions about this. With the progress of archaeological work along the Northwest Silk Road, many Western Han Dynasty sites and tombs have been discovered, including paper relics. These right papers were named according to the location where they were unearthed.

The chronological order of the ancient papers unearthed in the past can be arranged as follows: Fangmatan paper in the early Western Han Dynasty, Baqiao paper, Xuanquan paper, Maquanwan paper, Juyan paper from the mid-West Han Dynasty, and Hantan slope paper from the late Western Han Dynasty. Not only are these papers earlier than Cai Lun papers, but some of them have ink fonts, indicating that they have been used for writing documents.

As families in modern society continue to become wealthy, paper towels have become an indispensable item of life. Paper towels include: napkins, handkerchiefs, rolls, facial tissues, kitchen paper and other tissues.

Napkins, facial tissues: Napkins are mainly used in hotels, restaurants and restaurants, because they are flexible, they are very suitable for use.

Handkerchief paper: Handkerchief paper is easy to carry, and can be used for going out, traveling and family use.

Roll paper: Roll paper is mainly used in toilets, because it can quickly decompose in water, so it is a must-have for toilets.

Kitchen paper: similar to roll paper, it is mainly absorbent, so it is best for kitchen use.

It is the Yellow River at one stroke and the Yangtze River at the other stroke. Chinese culture has a long history. Nowadays, household paper continues to grow in the land of China, and papermaking has inherited the memories and cultures from generation to generation with a new look. We even explore, summarize, explore, and summarize in the inheritance from generation to generation. Papermaking is bound to continue to prosper. The growing growth of household paper is the best proof. The times are vast and unstoppable.