The development process of Specialty paper

Update:10 May 2021

Specialty paper is made from different fibers using a p […]

Specialty paper is made from different fibers using a paper machine to make paper with special functions. For example, synthetic fibers, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp are used alone, and different materials are used for modification or processing to give paper different functions and uses , Such as: household, building materials, electrical products, industrial filters, machinery industry, agriculture, information, optics, culture and art, biochemical cutting-edge technology, etc., as long as it is paper for special purposes , All collectively referred to as specialty paper.

The name specialty paper was gradually spread after the 1960s. Some people call it special processed paper. Specialty paper originated from carbonless copy paper developed by National Cash Register Co. in 1945. Later, other specialty papers were continuously introduced, which broadened people's horizons and changed people's traditional views on paper. The raw materials are no longer limited to plant fibers, and non-plant fibers (such as inorganic fibers and synthetic fibers) have also been used. In terms of structure, in addition to the fiber interwoven layer, the number of coating layers can be processed or increased. In effect, it can be copied according to the design according to the needs, which was not thought of in the past. However, the development of specialty paper faces many difficulties, such as large capital investment, high equipment requirements, and high technical difficulties. At the same time, many specialty papers have narrow applications and small demand. There is no climate in the short term, and it needs to be developed by people.
At present, the output of domestic specialty paper is very low, far from meeting the needs of China's specialty paper. However, due to the wide application range of specialty paper, high performance and added value, the technical support of domestic small and medium-sized specialty paper mills and applied academic research units is not very common, which makes China's specialty paper development have certain obstacles. Specialty paper production enterprises should make appropriate production plans and move towards product transformation and technological development. It is believed that a good space for the survival and development of the domestic special paper industry will be established.

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