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The focus of the paper industry


Light industry is the most open area for China's opening up to the outside world. It has directly attracted foreign investment of 35 billion US dollars and more than 20,000 foreign-funded enterprises. The output value of light industry, export earning and total profits and taxes account for one third of the national total. During the 10th Five-Year Plan period, the focus is on accelerating structural adjustment, promoting the optimization and upgrading of the light industry, realizing the fundamental transformation of the economic growth mode, and maintaining appropriate economic growth under the premise of improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth. However, facing the new situation at home and abroad in the 21st century and the reality that China will soon join the WTO, China's light industry will still face severe challenges. In addition, the sustainable development of light industry has not yet been resolved, and the problem of excessive energy consumption, waste of resources and environmental pollution is still serious.

The key industries for light industry adjustment and development during the fifteenth period are papermaking, home appliances, and food processing. (The paper focuses on papermaking). In the coming period of the country, the focus of the paper industry is to grasp five adjustments.

I. Adjusting the structure of raw materials: Encourage enterprises to vigorously develop fast-growing paper industry forest bases and establish large-scale wood pulp papermaking enterprises integrating forestry, pulp and paper. Establish a domestic market system for waste paper recycling and supply, and expand the recycling rate of domestic waste paper.