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The focus of the paper industry(2)


Second, adjust the product structure: focus on the development of high-end news paper, book printing paper, information paper, office paper, packaging and decoration paper and cardboard, food medical paper, special industrial paper.

Third, adjust the structure of the enterprise: the annual production scale of the new or expanded chemical pulp mill should be more than 300,000 tons. Non-wood fiber chemical pulp should be greater than 50,000 tons. Encourage foreign capital to participate in the reorganization and transformation of state-owned papermaking enterprises, making it a modern large-scale papermaking enterprise with diversified investment entities.

Fourth, adjust the technical structure: develop low-quantity, high-quality, low-consumption, high-efficiency papermaking technology.

fifth,Adjustment of regional structure: The southern region should become an important base for wood pulping and papermaking in China. The western region has appropriately developed a paper industry with a certain scale.

In terms of light industrial equipment, during the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, we will focus on light industrial machinery as a breakthrough, increase joint ventures with foreign countries, develop mechatronic products, key components and control devices, and encourage international support to improve light industry. The level of technology and equipment in the industry must be developed in the direction of large-scale, precise and automated.