The main purpose of non-woven fabrics

Update:21 Apr 2020

The uses of non-woven fabrics are various, which can be […]

The uses of non-woven fabrics are various, which can be roughly divided into:

Lining / lining use refers to interlining, sticky interlining, padded cotton, shoulder pads, bra pads, promotional workwear, travel underwear, badges, handbags, slippers, hats, etc.

Industrial use refers to abrasives, oil absorbents, paper felts, thermal insulation materials, sound insulation materials, shock absorbers, printed base electrical insulation materials, electromagnetic wave shielding materials, battery separators, adhesive tapes, disk packaging materials, V belts, ceilings and various Kinds of filters, etc.

Civil engineering / architectural / agricultural use refers to pipes, wall decoration materials, sound insulation and shockproof materials, roofing materials, anti-condensation boards, anti-corrosion materials, strengthening agents, plastic simple greenhouse boards, seedling bed boards, frost protection boards, shading boards , Garden pots, etc.

Household use refers to felt fabrics, rugs, cushion materials, padding cotton for reception chairs, wallpaper, quilt padding, quilt bags, pillowcases, sheets, collection bags, furry covers, tea bags, calendars, book covers, tablecloths, lunch pads Wait.

 Medical / hygiene means surgical clothes, covering cloths, hats, masks, bed sheets, antibacterial pads, paper diapers, sanitary napkins, tampon and other physiological supplies, gauze, cotton swabs, hand towel handles, masks, etc.