The raw products of traditional paper users

Update:01 Mar 2019

In terms of products, according to the data of the Chin […]

In terms of products, according to the data of the China Paper Association, the raw products of traditional paper users, such as newsprint and printing paper, have experienced a double decline in production and consumption for several consecutive years. In particular, newsprint, as the first major category, has only 4 companies with an annual output of more than 100,000 tons, and has rapidly shrunk.

At the same time, packaging paper and household paper, which represent higher performance requirements, have experienced rapid growth in output and consumption in recent years. As the world's largest paper production and consumption country, it still needs a large amount of imported packaging paper.

According to statistics, in the first eight months of this year, the import volume of boxboard and corrugated paper reached 1.15 million tons and 750,000 tons, respectively, which increased by nearly 40% and 160% respectively. The import of boxboard was about 1.8 million tons, an increase of about 30%. Among these categories, Chinese companies have huge space to replace imports with domestically produced ones.