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The Use of Foot Bath Cloth

A foot bath cloth is a towel that, like the classic bath sheet, can be used in place of a shower mat after washing one’s feet. It is typically a size that’s larger than a bath towel and may have additional features such as an invigorating massage roller or a heated pumice stone for smoothing calluses after soaking the feet.

Experts recommend using bleach on shower surfaces to kill fungus spores and other germs that can lead to athlete’s foot or toenail fungus. Additionally, it’s important to change towels regularly (at least once a week) and to always use a clean washcloth when washing your feet because loofahs can harbor bacteria over time.

Treat your feet to a Swedish contrast bath tradition of alternating between hot and cold water. This improves circulation, relieves stiffness and tension and releases built-up toxins from the body. This relaxing treatment will leave your feet feeling refreshed and revitalized. This product is also recommended for home spa treatments and professional salons.