Tips for buying disposable towels

Update:24 May 2021

Towels are a relatively important existence in our live […]

Towels are a relatively important existence in our lives. There are many towel products on the market. Among them, disposable towels are more convenient and hygienic products, and they are more popular. How to buy disposable towels?

Tips for buying disposable towels

1. The first thing to look at is whiteness. There is no specific standard for this. You can compare several manufacturers

2. Fluffy texture and soft hand feeling: This disposable environmentally friendly towel gives people a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. It is elastic in the hand and sticks to the face like a spring breeze, giving people a feeling of lingering affection. , Do not dry hard, so as not to hurt the skin

3. The water absorption is better. Disposable environmentally friendly towels have particularly strong requirements for hydrophilicity. The towel is wiped, the water is wiped dry, and the dust is exhausted. This requires high-quality plant fiber cotton yarn, and perfect testing and inspection methods.

Taizhou Rose Paper Co.,Ltd.can make various kinds of special paper including the crepe paper ,disposable towels...

Performance characteristics of Taizhou Rose Paper disposable towels
1.Dust-free: There is no fiber shedding and no fiber chips come off when uses. It ensures the quality of wiping.
2.It smoothly weaved and has excellent transverse tensile.
3.It is soft and would not do the damage to any surface, no scratch.
4.Unique Absorption and suction capacity, it is 4 times better than common cotton cloth.
5.It has efficient remove water and oil stains ability.