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Using crepe paper to make flowers is a fun project


Using crepe paper to make flowers is a fun project. The finished flower is durable and looks like real live blooms. Crepe paper petals can be cut into many different shapes. Depending on the flower size, petals can range from 3 inches to 10 inches long. They can be made in a variety of colors.

There are two main methods for making crepe paper flowers. The first method involves individual shaping of petals. The petals should be shaped before attaching to the stamen. The other method involves folding petals into a single petal.

To create crepe paper flowers, start by deciding on a center color. The petals can be cut from either Italian crepe paper or regular crepe paper. Italian crepe paper is stiffer and more durable. Crepe paper is also sensitive to moisture, so be sure to keep the flower away from a room with a lot of humidity swings.

Cut a 6-by-2-inch piece of crepe paper. Fold it every half-inch and secure with floral tape. Then cut into a fringe. This fringe can be wrapped around the flower's base. The fringe can be used as a stamen or as a decorative trim. The fringe can be trimmed if it is too long.

Cut tulip petals using a 4-inch wide strip of crepe paper. Fold the strip of crepe paper in half and cut out three inner petals. Place the outer petals in between the inner petals to create an outer row.