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Wet wipe processing 6 core technologies


1. Unique nano-brightening technology——The leather glazing care wipes of wet wipes adopts unique polymer nanotechnology, which has strong permeability and can quickly penetrate into the polished leather surface and the inside of the capillary pores, and with the capillary holes. The inner wall is tightly coupled. Clog the pores to form an organic whole, prevent the infiltration of the stains, increase the gloss of the polished leather, and increase the appearance of the leather, so that the leather surface remains clean and bright for a long time, not only maintaining the original permeability of the leather, but also reducing the water permeability, and Gives the leather a natural glow.
2, the original grease-based anti-wrinkle technology - this technology is mainly reflected in the leather series of wet wipes. A breakthrough new resin-based protective material that assists in the finest craftsmanship of fine cosmetics, allowing the wet wipes leather series to deeply moisturize the leather products, and also form a special protective film, UV resistant, and durable leather. The pliable luster, anti-wrinkle first-class, lasting as new.
3, super degreasing, decontamination technology - the advanced or not of this technology, the key is whether the selected chemical composition is correct, the proportion of matching is reasonable. In order to decontaminate a general wet wipe, it will contain silicone oil and surfactant components, so that the two can fully cooperate to achieve the purpose of degreasing and decontaminating. The technology of the clean color series of wet wipes is super-excellent because it uses a new generation of surfactants (Gemini) and refined marine biological extracts. Compared with common surfactants, it dissolves the surface of the separated objects. Quickly, the face is more even. At the same time, through the cutting-edge technology of the US headquarters, the composition of the products is more reasonable, so that the wet wipes can not only make the surface of the object clean and thoroughly, but also maintain the good physical properties of the object to the greatest extent, without mildew, deformation or prevention. Wear and so on.
4, the perfect shallow mark repair technology - the technology is achieved by adding a polymer brightener, a new type of polymer brightener developed by the Hunter Brothers US headquarters, its small molecular structure can greatly improve the surface smoothness and smoothness of the object. It is colorless and transparent, has high adhesion, and is perfectly covered with fine scratches on the surface of the object, especially suitable for leather products. This technology is currently in an absolute leading position in China!
5, first-class antibacterial dust-proof technology - the technology is achieved through a special preservative and a new polymer brightener. The Carson preservative refined by American advanced technology is safe, efficient and does not contain any heavy metals. It can completely inhibit the fungi and eliminate various microorganisms. The new polymer brightener can form a bright protective film on the surface of the object. It can last for several days with dust, anti-scaling and anti-ultraviolet rays. These two ingredients are unique to the net color cleaning series of wipes, completely distinguishing other brands of wipes!
6, bio-fragrance extraction technology - wipe the object with a wet towel will always emit a special fragrance, fragrant and pleasant, refreshing! This is because it adds a special fragrance, which is imported from the United States and is completely purely natural. The threshold of this technology is relatively high, and it is difficult to achieve without considerable strength!