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What are the characteristics of Color Crepe Paper?

Crepe paper has long been a favorite in the art of craft making. It is lightweight, malleable, and is highly flexible. This is an ideal material for a wide variety of applications including, but not limited to, making realistic looking paper flowers.

Crepe paper can be folded and twisted in countless ways. This is a feature of its construction that gives it its unique malleability. You can use crepe paper to create beautiful wrapping paper and party decorations.

While crepe paper is not always the best choice for larger temporary installations, it is perfect for craft projects such as weddings, showers, and birthdays. Compared to other papers, it offers better staining and is apt for decoupage.

Colored crepe papers are a great way to add color to your entertainment preparations. These colored papers are made with high quality base papers and are impregnated with a colored solution. They also have a nice crinkle, or creping, effect.

A crepe paper of this caliber will last for years and will still look good after many uses. As with any other type of paper, you should keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.