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What are the methods for selecting wet wipes?


The wet tissue used to wipe the skin is a wet wipe, which is one of the daily necessities we often use in our daily life. It is our household paper and is closely related to our health. Wet wipes can be divided into general wet wipes, sanitary wipes, and disinfection wipes according to their classification. We can choose the wet wipes that suit us according to our needs. So, what are the methods for selecting wet wipes

1. Check whether the package is sealed: When we are selecting wet wipes, we should pay attention to the sealing of the wet wipes package, and there should be no damage. It should be sealed immediately after use.

2. Touch the thickness of wet wipes: As thick wet wipes have a better hand feel and strong usability, thin wipes are easier to tear during use, which affects the cleaning ability of wet wipes.

3. Choose wear-resistant wipes: You can do a test and rub the wipes on the table repeatedly. If there is no obvious fluff on the surface, then it is a relatively high-quality wipe.

4. Pay attention to the information of wet wipes: Do not buy the wet wipes if the production date on the outer packaging of the wet wipes and the sanitary license are unknown. It depends on the length and width of the wet wipes. The larger the area, the more cost-effective the wet wipes.

5. Look at the ingredients of the wet wipes: When we are choosing paper towels, we must carefully check the added ingredients on the product label on the package. If you want to use it for your baby, choose baby wipes. Baby wipes are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, No stimulation, no fluorescent agent. Do not buy if the ingredients are not suitable. Therefore, when we are buying wet wipes, we should choose some formal channels such as large shopping malls, supermarkets, large-scale website products, and corporate official websites to prevent buying fakes. Generally speaking, non-woven fabrics are mostly used for high-quality wet wipes, and the vertical and horizontal mesh spunlace non-woven fabric is the best. The texture is soft and white, and the hand feels compact and thick. Inferior wet wipes are thin and easily deformed. And try not to buy products with too long production dates.