What are the requirements for the manufacturing equipment for non-woven wipes?

Update:16 Sep 2019

Non-woven wipes are a kind of high-grade cleaning wipes […]

Non-woven wipes are a kind of high-grade cleaning wipes that people use more often, which are perfect in quality and function. As a matter of course, as a high-performance product, the requirements for manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment are also high. How do people choose the relevant equipment, and what are the specific requirements for their overall construction? Explain as follows:
1. Firstly, the emerging non-woven wet cloth mainly adopts the form of four-side sealing in the packaging method of the wet tissue, and because the packaging space is small, the inner wet tissue is subjected to multiple horizontal and vertical folding. Therefore, when people choose equipment, they must have the function of folding and multi-directional, and have good continuity and stability.
2. Non-woven wipes generally contain corresponding harmless liquid solvents, so scientific and precise must be ensured in the dosing process. The tightness of the package must be strictly ensured to avoid storage and affect function.
3. In the selection of the mold, it is necessary to target different packaging materials. If the mold does not meet the standard requirements, there will be a problem of solution leakage.