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What are the usages of acupuncture nonwovens?


1. Generally, the finished needle-punched non-woven fabric is sewed with a sewing machine according to the size of the breeding shed to make it a whole (if the shed is large, it can be made into two or more pieces, and it will be sewed with a sewing machine when the shed is installed). This will make the whole shed as a whole not easy to be blown by the wind. Outside the shed, it can be fixed with iron wire, and it can also be pressed by cement purlins on the periphery. If the surface is sprayed with cement slurry, the effect is better, and it can strengthen the anti-aging and have a fireproof effect. Needle-punched nonwovens difference between needle-punched nonwovens and spunlace nonwovens
2. In the use position of the roof, from the inside to the outside, the first layer is plastic cloth, and the second layer is needle-punched non-woven fabric (it is recommended to use 450 g of this layer of non-woven fabric, which can save costs and can also be used. Straw curtain), the third layer is made of plastic cloth, and the fourth layer is made of non-woven fabric (500g is recommended for this layer, because the outer layer is easy to be blown by the sun. To ensure that the inner plastic cloth is not exposed to the sun, use 500g), can also be used according to the actual conditions of different regional climatic conditions.
3. It can also be used for wind protection on both sides of the shed in winter, and the effect is very good. Thermal insulation effect: If it is used reasonably, the temperature of the grass curtain is increased by about 3--7 degrees. Service life: Since the raw materials of needle-punched non-woven products are mainly high-density needle-punched fabrics, they have strong anti-aging, anti-sun, anti-corrosion effects. It can be said to be an investment if it is used for more than eight years. Benefit for a long time.