What details should be paid attention to when using toilet paper?

Update:07 Sep 2020

Toilet paper is a necessity for everyone's life. The mo […]

Toilet paper is a necessity for everyone's life. The most common use is to clean up dirt. It is a kind of household paper. In addition to its own, household paper includes facial tissues, napkins and other paper products. We need to use different paper products for different occasions. So, when we are using toilet paper, what details should we pay attention to?

1. "Powdered paper" is harmful to human health

Generally, virgin wood pulp is used to make household paper in order to make it more flexible. The manufacturer will add a certain amount of virgin short wood pulp fibers to the pulp, but the combination of short fibers and other long fibers is not strong. Therefore, a very small amount of short fibers will escape during use, which is "paper dropping". hair".

Under normal circumstances, paper wool is not harmful. In addition, manufacturers will add a certain amount of talc to the slurry in order to reduce costs. When we are using paper products, talcum powder is easy to fall out, which is what we commonly call "drinking powder". Talcum powder particles are carcinogens that are harmful to health.

2. Don't use toilet paper to wipe your face easily

There are two main types of household paper: the first type is toilet paper used in toilets, and the second type is tissue paper used in daily life. The national sanitary standards for tissue paper, such as the standard for the total number of bacterial colonies per gram is not more than 200 units, and toilet paper restricts the total number of colonies not exceeding 600 units, so toilet paper is higher from the perspective of bacteria. Secondly, recycled waste paper or paper products can be used as raw materials for toilet paper, but paper towels are not allowed, so toilet paper does not make rigid regulations for fungal indicators. Therefore, in life, we try not to use toilet paper to wipe our faces and mouths. In addition, the long fibers in handkerchief paper and pumping paper are 5%-10% higher than ordinary toilet paper. It is not easy to fall off powder and hair, so for people with respiratory diseases, try not to use toilet paper to wipe their face to prevent the paper hair from being sucked into the nostrils, which will affect your health.

3. Worry about the need to wash hands frequently with fluorescent dyes

Generally careful people will notice this word when choosing paper: migratory fluorescent whitening agent. Movable fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of color conditioning agent, which has the effect of brightening and brightening. It is widely used in many fields such as papermaking, textile, detergent and so on. Even A4 paper commonly used in daily office contains a certain amount of fluorescent whitening agent, so be careful to wash your hands frequently.