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What is Abrasive paper


Sandpaper also plays a big role in the production of the model, such as eliminating the nozzle of the part, grinding the gap of the part cut from the flow path, etc. Sometimes it can be polished with fine sandpaper to remove the gloss of the paint, and the oxide layer of the metal part is removed. The part emits the original metallic luster. Polished on water sandpaper gives the wooden model a soft glow.

The unit is the number of sand per unit length (Cw), (that is, the so-called "number or mesh"). Therefore, 500Cw, 800Cw refers to the number of particles arranged in one inch length. The higher the value, the finer the sandpaper, the rough sandpaper. You need to wear gloves to work, so as not to leave a small incision on your fingers. The No. 2000 water sandpaper is used to polish the paint scratches. The steps are: first use the water to thoroughly penetrate the sandpaper and polish it gently at the scratches. At this point, the scratch will lose its luster, then polish and restore with a polishing machine, and finally wax.

Water sandpaper is used in daily life - polishing the teeth of the horn comb with water sandpaper of 200, 400, 600, respectively, can blunt the comb teeth; car beauty.