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What is Masking paper? What is the use and principle of Masking paper


Masking paper is a kind of high-tech decoration and spraying paper (due to its special performance, it is also called color separation paper), which is widely used in interior decoration, spray paint for household appliances and spray paint for high-end luxury cars.
Its color separation effect boundary is clear and clear, and it also has arc art effects, which brings a new technological revolution to the decoration and spraying industry, and makes the industry glow with new vitality.


Masking paper paper use
Used for capacitor electronic components, tape packaging
Used in conjunction with kraft paper tape; suitable for paint spraying or other common paint edges
It is used to cover the parts that are electroplated without electroplating

The principle of Masking paper
Why can masking paper stick things? Of course it is because it is coated with a layer of adhesive! The earliest adhesives came from animals and plants. In the nineteenth century, rubber was the main ingredient of adhesives; in modern times, various polymers are widely used. Adhesives can stick things because their own molecules and the molecules of the objects to be connected form bonds, which can firmly bond the molecules together. The composition of the adhesive varies according to different brands and types, and there are various polymers.
BOPP tape introduction: BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) tape is an indispensable product in any enterprise, company, or personal life. The country does not have a complete standard for the BOPP tape industry. There is only one industry standard "QB/T 2422-1998 BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for sealing".
BOPP tape is based on the original BOPP film after high-voltage corona to make one surface rough, then coated with glue and then divided into small rolls. This is the BOPP tape we use daily. BOPP tape glue is acrylic glue, also called pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main component is tincture. Tincture is a kind of macromolecular active substance, and temperature has a certain influence on molecular activity. The tincture content of the glue directly affects the use of masking paper. The initial adhesion of normal sealing masking paper is ≥13 (steel ball number), and the thickness of this masking paper glue is generally 22 microns. It is the thickness that meets the standard.
Tape can be divided into: high temperature tape, double-sided tape, insulating tape, special masking paper-pressure sensitive masking paper, die-cut tape, anti-static tape, anti-static warning tape according to its function. Different functions are suitable for different industries. demand.