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What is the introduction and function of wet tissue paper


As a very common household paper product, wet tissue paper plays a peculiar role in our lives. Next, let us walk into the wet tissue paper together to learn more about it.

Wet tissue paper is a wet tissue used to wipe the skin. The wet tissue paper on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: one is that it has been disinfected but cannot disinfect other items. It contains skin care ingredients and can only be used for skin moisturizing. The other type is disinfecting wet tissue paper that is not only disinfected, but also disinfects other items. It can be used to disinfect or sterilize skin abrasions and scratches. When purchasing wet tissue paper, be sure to see the functional positioning of wet tissue paper.

The main ingredients of general wet wipes are:

Water-refined water, pure water and RO pure water. The liquid content of wet wipes generally accounts for about 80%. If the content is too low, wet tissues will feel dry, on the contrary, if the content is too high, it will feel too wet. inconvenient. More than 90% of the liquid medicine is water. In order to prevent the water from reacting with the liquid medicine, the water used in the wet wipes must be specially treated water. The words "refined water", "pure water" and "RO pure water" can be seen on the packaging ingredients;

Humectant——Propylene glycol, propylene glycol is a solvent and a humectant, which can help the effective substances in the liquid medicine to dissolve in the water, so that the water is not easy to volatilize, and play an antibacterial and antiseptic effect, so almost all wet Paper towels contain moisturizers;

Preservatives-phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben and paraben. The wet wipes contain a lot of water and different substances. In order to maintain the activity of effective substances, preservatives must be added, but usually preservatives The agent content is very low and will not have negative effects;

Antibacterial agents-sodium lactate and eucalyptus leaves. There are many types of antibacterial agents, including chemically synthesized antibacterial agents and natural antibacterial agents. As the name implies, antibacterial agents can eliminate bacteria and inhibit bacterial reproduction;

Non-ionic surfactants——Polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil and polyether, washing powder and most detergents contain non-ionic surfactants, which are used to remove dirt and grease to achieve a cleaning effect . In addition, there are other natural ingredients, such as eucalyptus leaf extract, natural fungicide chamomile oil, which has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect; aloe vera extract, which has a moisturizing effect; and sterilizing alcohol.

Wet tissue paper is generally used for cleaning, disinfection, antibacterial, and moisturizing. Specific uses include baby cleaning, adult cleaning, makeup remover, skin moisturizing, sunscreen applications, household cleaning and polishing, surface disinfection, and antibacterial wipes.

The wet tissue paper has the following functions:

After eating and going to the toilet, you can wipe your hands directly with a wet tissue to cleanse your hands.

For those who love to clean, they can wipe with wet paper towels for disinfection before using public goods, such as steering wheels, door handles, and desks.

If there are accidents such as falls or scratches when going out, you can wipe the area around the wound with a disinfectant wipe for preliminary disinfection to prevent secondary infection.

In summer, it is hot and easy to sweat. You can also use a wet tissue to wipe the underarms to remove odor.

When shoes, furniture, etc. are covered with excessive dust, gently wipe off the dust with a wet paper towel. Can achieve very good cleansing effect.