What is the use of crepe paper?

Update:08 Oct 2021

1. Crepe paper for daily use, such as napkins and toile […]

1. Crepe paper for daily use, such as napkins and toilet paper.
2. The crepe paper used for packaging is tough and flexible, and is used for packaging flexible goods such as woolen yarn and woolen products.
3. The crepe paper for decoration has a variety of colorful colors for festival decorations and paper flowers.
Colored crepe paper is a special kind of household paper. It can be used to make festive decoration paper. It has bright and beautiful colors, smooth and fine wrinkles. Features such as paper disease.
Therefore, color crepe paper is much more demanding than other crepe paper. Color crepe paper usually has more than 10 colors such as bright red, pink, pink, turquoise blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, light yellow, and golden.
The production method can be divided into two types: internal dyeing and surface dyeing. Among them, surface dyeing has the advantages of simple production process, not only saving dyes, but also reducing costs, as well as easy operation, etc., which is widely used by enterprises.
The raw materials for the production of colored crepe paper are generally determined according to market needs. The export products are mainly imported bleached sulphate wood pulp, or wood pulp as the mainstay, with a small amount of reed pulp. The domestic products are mainly reed pulp, which is made with a small amount of wood pulp or 100% reed pulp.
A certain factory in the north uses 60% bleached kraft softwood pulp and 40% bleached sulfite reed pulp to produce high-end toilet paper for export that meets the quality requirements. The beating process for producing colored crepe paper with whole reed pulp adopts a medium-to-high concentration beating method that mainly dissolves, try to keep the length of the original fiber and make the fiber fully absorb water, swell and fibrillate, so as to increase the elongation and make the crepe paper. Wrinkles are more delicate.
In traditional paper craftsmanship, the more commonly used material is crepe paper. Crepe paper has unique advantages in the presentation of paper art works due to its special texture and folds, especially in the production of paper art flowers.