What is washi tape

Update:25 Jan 2021

Wood and paper tape is also called coated printing pape […]

Wood and paper tape is also called coated printing paper, and it is called powder paper in Hong Kong and other regions. It is a high-quality printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. It is mainly used for printing covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals, color pictures, various exquisite samples, and commodity packaging.

Washi paper is widely used as an essential daily necessities in daily life. Washi has greatly enriched people's lives with its practicality and beauty. Washi culture reached its heyday in the 17th century. Echizen, Tosa, Izumo, and Hakuchi have all become well-known paper

Washi tape is generally smooth and delicate. Almost all the beautiful wall calendars, posters sold in bookstores, book covers, illustrations, art books, picture albums, etc., are used. Recently, due to overcapacity and technological progress, high-gram copper plates have also been converted into tags and paper bags.

The difference between offset paper and paper tape
Plate paper and double offset paper are mainly different in material. Washi tape is made of high-density fibers (cotton, bark, etc.), while double offset paper is made of low-density fibers (straw pulp, etc.). With the same thickness, the weight per square meter is completely different. Due to the level of chemical processing, the color is sometimes difficult to distinguish. Good method: tear off the paper. The washi tape is very tough, and the double tape is very loose (crisp). Moreover, the fiber of double offset paper is very thick. Our printing washi tape uses fine Japanese paper as the base material, uses 25/32/38/76MM double-sided blank food-grade environmentally friendly paper tubes, uses unique and unique printing processes and environmentally friendly water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives, and has been used for drawing- Typesetting-mold opening-printing-gluing-rewinding / slitting-packaging inspection.