What types of sandpaper are there?

Update:18 Aug 2021

Sandpaper is an indispensable thing. Sandpaper is widel […]

Sandpaper is an indispensable thing. Sandpaper is widely used. It is indispensable for various mold models such as mobile phones, automobiles, and wood products. Secondly, sandpaper also plays an important role in the coating construction process. Sandpaper is generally divided into dry abrasive paper, water abrasive paper, and sponge sandpaper. What they have in common is the use of adhesives to bond different abrasives and sandpaper substrates together.
Dry sanding paper:

Dry sanding paper uses synthetic resin as a binder to bond silicon carbide abrasive to latex, and is coated with an antistatic coating to make high-end products. It has the advantages of anti-clogging, anti-static, good flexibility, and high abrasion resistance. . A variety of finenesses are available, suitable for sanding metal surfaces, wood surfaces, putties and coatings. Dry sanding paper is generally made of special kraft paper and latex paper, natural and synthetic resins are used as binders, and manufactured through advanced high-static sand planting technology. This product has high grinding efficiency and is not easy to stick to chips. It is suitable for dry grinding. .
Water matte paper:

Water sandpaper is also called water sandpaper, water-resistant sandpaper, that is, sandpaper that can be sanded with water. The sand material of water sandpaper is generally silicon carbide, and the paper base is usually kraft paper. There are also relatively high-end, such as imported 3M water sandpaper, many of the paper base is latex paper. Latex paper is characterized by good flexibility and stronger surface adhesion of the sand particles, so the sandpaper is more durable, the particles are more uniform, and the polishing effect is better.

The gap between the sand grains of water sandpaper is smaller than that of dry sandpaper, and the debris of the ground is also smaller. When used with water, the debris will flow out with the water, thereby maintaining the sharpness of the surface of the sandpaper. If the water sandpaper is used for dry grinding, the product debris will adhere to the gap between the sand grains, so that the surface of the sandpaper loses its sharpness and has no grinding power. So it can't reach its use effect. Water sandpaper is widely used in stone polishing, hardware processing, mold processing, wall putty polishing, automobile surface polishing, rust removal, paint removal and other industries.
Application of water sandpaper in daily life:

Water sandpaper also has a great effect in life, and you can polish the teeth of the comb with water sandpaper. Some comb teeth are too sharp, you can polish the comb teeth with sandpaper to make the comb teeth round. Water sandpaper can be used for painting, and oil pastels can be used to paint on water sandpaper. The rough surface of the water sandpaper can line up the bright and delicate colors of the oil pastel. Sandpaper painting is a painting method suitable for children.