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Why use non-woven wipes?

As our use of wipes in our daily lives becomes more common, so does our understanding of wipes. Many people know that most wet wipes are made of non-woven fabrics. But what we know about non-woven fabrics is limited to the name, and almost nothing else! Do you know why wet wipes use non-woven fabrics?

Non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric, which directly uses high polymer chips, short fibers or filaments to form fibers through air flow or machinery, and then undergoes hydroentanglement, needle punching, or hot rolling reinforcement, and finally after finishing Formed non-woven fabric. Spunlace non-woven fabric is a kind of spunlace non-woven fabric by spraying high-pressure fine water flow onto one or more layers of fiber webs, so that the fibers are entangled with each other, so that the fiber web can be reinforced and have a certain strength.

Non-woven fabric is a new type of fiber product with soft, breathable and flat structure. The advantage is that it does not produce lint, is strong, durable, and silky soft. It is also a kind of reinforcing material, and it also has a cotton feel, compared with cotton fabrics. , Non-woven bags are easy to form, and the cost is cheap. The non-woven fabric also has the characteristics of light weight, softness, water repellency, breathability, stable performance, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, and no skin irritation.

In terms of environmental protection, if the non-woven fabric is placed outdoors and decomposed naturally, its longest life is only 90 days, and it will decompose within 5 years when placed indoors. washing.