Disposable Nonwoven Face Towel Facial Cotton Tissue- Dry Wet Wipes

Product Description

Product Name:Disposable non woven towels

Material:spunlace non-Woven Fabric 100% viscose


Size:18.5*20cm 20*20cm or customized

Feature:Eco-Friendly, Quick Dry, Disposable and comfortable

Weight:60gsm 240g/bag

specification:90pcs/roll, 100pcs/roll,

ApplicationSkin Care,Face Wash,Clean makeup, tourism,Beauty Salon

Certification: SGS


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1. [Soft and Comfortable]

This disposable face towel is made of pure cotton non-woven fabric, soft and comfortable, gentle and non stimulating, friendly for sensitive skin. It's an environment friendly alternative to paper towels, cotton pads, face towels and other products.

2. [Extra Thick & Highly Absorbent]

The thickened design of cotton cleansing towelettes is not easy teared, will not leave residue after wiping. With the high tensile strength, the cotton tissue can be washed 2-3 times. Has good water absorption and make this facial cleansing towel easier to wipe.

3. [Multi-purpose]

Wildly use, can be used both dry and wet. You can use to wipe face, remove makeup, clean hands, runny nose, and it’s also suitable for baby care, clean baby’s tooth, mouth, eyes, hands, face, and diaper area. Ans it’s also ideal for house, office, kitchen cleaning.

4. [Ideal for Outdoor Activities]

you can totally put it in your gym bag or suitcase, and just throw into the trash after use. It’s portable and convenient.

5 [Clean and Sanitary]

Regular towels will gather bacteria after long use. This cotton tissue can instead of face towel and .stay away from bacteria. It will be much cleaner to dry your face after washing , prevent allergies and reduce skin friction damage.

6. [Multiple packing methods] you can try a samll package firstly.

7. [ Eco-Friendly]
100% natural and biodegradable create less waste they are 100%, you are happy when

toss them because they are friendly to the environment.

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