Flushable nonwoven(For Flushable Wipes)

ID: Flushable nonwoven

Weight: 55-70g

Width: 150-2100mm

MOQ: 3tons

Size:50pieces, 600pieces, or as customized

The actual color and lines are subject to the actual products.

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This Flushable nonwoven material  can be used to make flushable wet wipes

The company can provide semi-finished products. The specifications, length, width, and colors of products can be customized according to customer requirements.All products have passed related certifications, and comply with the EU environmental protection certification RoHS.

Future development of flushable wipes

Flushable toilet wipes include adult toilet wipes, infants and female hygiene wipes. The usage volumes of these three categories have been showing a growing trend, which is mainly due to the convenience, hygiene, functionality, costs, and consumers’ increased awareness of environmental protection; however, where is the future direction of wipes, what is the development direction in the next few years? What kind of efforts should non-woven fabric manufacturers make? With the more and more serious environmental pollutions worldwide, and the increasing awareness of environmental protection of consumers, when the economic crisis is vanishing, consumers start to make rational purchases. Consumers in developed countries such as the United States, Western Europe and Japan, and some areas in developing countries are advocating the concept of sustainable development, and support that concept through the purchase actions. Flushable wipes are one of sustainable products, whose residues left through sewage treatment systems can be used as useful soil conditioners, rather than just be treated as garbage dumps in a landfill.

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