Bamboo pulp paper

Bamboo is the best raw material except wood, suitable for the manufacture of medium and high-grade paper. Bamboo pulp paper is produced by using bamboo pulp alone or with wood pulp and straw pulp in a reasonable ratio through pulping and washing and other paper making processes. Bleached paper used for offset printing paper, typing paper and other high-grade cultural papers Unbleached wrapping paper, etc.

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Performance characteristics
1.Dust-free: There is no fiber shedding and no fiber chips come off when uses. It ensures the quality of wiping.
2.It smoothly weaved and has excellent transverse tensile.
3.It is soft and would not do the damage to any surface, no scratch.
4.Unique Absorption and suction capacity, it is 4 times better than common cotton cloth.
5.It has efficient remove water and oil stains ability.
6.It would not have fiber chips when rubbed in the hot water with detergent for its fiber combined firmly.
7.It has excellent solubility
8.It isanti-static
Application Area
1.Civil cleaning: it applied in wipes, compressed towel, kitchen wipes, dishcloth, etc
2.Health Area: Surgical clothes, surgical caps, medical sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, medical gauze.

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