Green Washi Paper

ID: Washi Paper

Weight: 41-62g

Width: 1020-1280mm

MOQ: 3tons

The actual color and lines are subject to the actual products.

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The company can provide semi-finished products. The specifications, length, width, and colors of products can be customized according to customer requirements.All products have passed related certifications, and comply with the EU environmental protection certification RoHS.

Uses of washi paper tapes

Washi tapes:

1) Decorative packaging, making Christmas cards, or luxury labels

2) Perfect color gift box packaging. DIY decoration3) Handmade artcrafts, cute stationery

4) Enormous designs and rich colors5) No residues, safe tearing with hand6) Soft, and thin.II. Features:1) Good adhesion2) Good flexibility3) No residual glue4) Allow printing a variety of colors; width and length are tailorable according to customer needs.

III. Washi tape is a type of precious ideal thin tapes with super flexibility, easy to tear and write on, easy to paste and tear off, without leaving unsightly glue marks, with rich colors, suitable for serving as notes, memos, stickers, labels, decorative diaries, photo stickers for gift-giving occasions, advertising promotions, holidays, birthdays, wedding, awards and souvenirs, fairs, anniversary celebrations . Dear friends, you may also wrack your brain to think of more uses!


Features: can withstand banana water, xylene, and toluene! Resistance to degumming and decoloring!

Uses: with the soft texture, washi can serve as substrates; they can also play a role of masking in painting and spraying on sports equipment, rubber and plastic parts, as well as for construction sites decorations, indoor and outdoor decorations. The viscidity is moderate, with good adherence and masking function for most smooth surfaces, bending parts or corners, good workability, without leaving adhesive residue when quickly peeled off after use.

Good primary viscous force, and good retention, easy to stick to all types of surfaces, low labor intensity; it can firmly fix the masking film/paper on the desired location, to prevent sliding or peeling off.

Masking paper backing base: uniform thickness, good adhesion; the tape does not rupture when winding corners.

Backing base filling: dense material, good resistance to solvents, easy to tear off, not prone to breaking; the whole piece of the tape can be removed after use.

Backing base anti-seize treatment: small and uniform unwinding force, without excessive unwinding, suitable for being used on dedicated cutters in combination with masking paper

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