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How to choose the right disposable wipes


1. When purchasing, choose a reliable brand of wet wipes with a manufacturer's sanitation license.
2. Check the label of the wet wipes. The content of the label should include information such as the name of the main raw material, the manufacturer, the date of production and the expiry date. Sanitary wipes should also be marked with sterilization active ingredients and their content, methods of use, scope of use and precautions.
3. Try to choose wet wipes in independent small packages. If you use removable wipes, they should be sealed after each use and used up as soon as possible to avoid volatilization or contamination of their active ingredients.
4. Try to choose non-scented wet wipes for infants and young children that are not marked with special effects.
5. When conditions permit, you can try it out before purchasing:
Smell-Generally speaking, high-quality wet wipes have no obvious odor or are relatively soft, while inferior wet wipes have a clear pungent odor.
Look-high-quality wet wipes will not have obvious fluffing during use, while inferior wet wipes are very obvious.
Try-You can gently apply the wet wipes to a small area of ​​the skin on the curved side of the forearm, and wait for a while to see if there are any adverse skin reactions, such as tingling, redness, rash, etc.
Precautions for use:
(1) Wet wipes should be used within the warranty period. If you find mildew on the wipes, don't use them again.
(2) Wet wipes cannot be used repeatedly. When the wet tissue is reused, not only can it not remove the bacteria, but it will transfer some surviving bacteria to the uncontaminated surface, and it should be discarded in time after use.
(3) When possible, try to avoid using wet wipes to wipe the face, lips, eyes and mucous membranes.
(4) If you feel itchy or painful on your skin during the use of wet wipes, you should stop using it immediately, and seek medical attention if the condition is serious.
(5) Wiping hands with wet wipes ≠ washing hands. No matter how repeatedly wiped the hands, the wet wipes cannot achieve the effect of washing hands, and the chemical components will remain on the hands after using the wet wipes. If conditions permit, the best way to rinse them with running water is sufficient.

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