Spunlace nonwovens market maintains an annual growth rate

Update:17 May 2021

Today, the spunlace nonwovens market maintains an annua […]

Today, the spunlace nonwovens market maintains an annual growth rate of 4% to 5%, thanks to the gradual opening of the core technology market and diversified markets for wet wipes. Although most spunlace non-woven fabric manufacturers admit that the main body of sales continues to be tied to the wet wipes market, many people say that profit erosion and other macroeconomic factors make them have to enter new markets.

  Technology interspersed to develop diversified products

   "Successfully entering new markets is not without challenges. Although spunlace nonwovens have a very broad application range, only by continuously launching innovative products in accordance with market needs can we maintain unlimited growth opportunities.". Therefore, spunlace nonwovens manufacturers are trying to find the best solutions for market capacity and cost-effectiveness. Among them, the decrease in fabric weight is also an important trend, and manufacturers are targeting lighter-quality fabrics.

   Despite this, the wet wipes market continues to account for most of the spunlace business. The challenge in this market is to cater to many sub-markets. Weber explained: The key technical requirements are different. Baby care products focus on softness and skin-friendliness. For industrial and household, clean spunlace nonwoven products, their tensile strength and absorption capacity are the most important.

The advancement of spunlace technology provides application markets for different fiber textiles, such as health care and home care. Sandler Group has recently invested in three new spunlace lines for the development of other spunlace businesses other than wet wipes, trying to use various technologies Develop diversified products with interspersed functions. The new spunlace thread has a unique ISO system, which provides a function that is fully capable of affecting the cross-direction tensile properties of the nonwoven fabric and the light effect of the carding machine. The process has been carefully analyzed in terms of energy consumption and water consumption.

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