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What is the difference between toilet paper and paper towels


Tissue paper is closely related to our daily life. We use toilet paper and paper towels every day and have become indispensable supplies in people’s lives. Then, how is toilet paper different from paper towels?

1. Humidity toughness: Toilet paper must be broken as soon as it is soaked by water, otherwise it is a substandard product. Paper towels are used to wipe hands and face. In order to avoid wiping the face with scraps of paper, paper towels must have enough toughness and tear resistance when wet. This is the biggest difference between the two. This also determines that the two cannot be mixed. Throwing paper towels into the toilet will easily cause blockage. If you wipe your face with toilet paper, not only will it be easily stained with paper scraps, but bacteria will also invade.

2. Bacteria content in paper: The national standards have different requirements for the bacterial content of these two types of paper. The number of bacterial colonies per gram of toilet paper shall not exceed 600 units, but the tissue paper is much stricter, not exceeding 200 per gram. unit.

3. Pure wood pulp, raw wood pulp: Not only wood can be used to make paper, but also bamboo and grass. These materials are made into pulp, namely wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, etc. Pure wood pulp only uses wood pulp, not bamboo pulp, straw pulp and other pulps, but it does not rule out that it contains recycled wood pulp. Corresponding to virgin pulp is recycled pulp, that is, recycled pulp, which is made from recycled paper that meets the standards. The recycled waste paper has to go through the processes of shredding, deinking, bleaching, etc. The cut fibers are more, the paper produced will have more paper powder, and the amount of bleaching agent is also large. Some manufacturers in order to improve paper For whiteness, it is also possible to use fluorescent brighteners. National standards allow the use of recycled pulp to make toilet paper. However, recycled pulp cannot be used when making tissue paper, virgin pulp must be used, virgin wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, etc. are all acceptable.

4. About fluorescent whitening agent: The pulp is not originally white. The white paper produced is caused by bleaching agent. If the whiteness is unnatural, it is possible that a fluorescent whitening agent has been added. It is a fluorescent dye, or white dye, and is also a complex organic compound. Its natural color has no color, but it can absorb ultraviolet rays and then release The blue-violet fluorescence is complementary to the yellow light reflected by the paper itself to produce white light. It converts the invisible ultraviolet light to visible light, increases the intensity of the reflected light, and makes the paper look brighter and whiter.